Friday, December 9, 2016

Junior Prizegiving

Junior Prizegiving was held this morning and with that another year at the College is over.  Congratulations to all of our class winners and in particular to Serena O'Brien who was awarded the Daniel Gillies Memorial Cup for Diligence and Determination, and Anna Taylor who won the SKC plate for Service to the College.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Activities Week Day Three

Kite making and posters were on the cards for our Y9 students this morning before a leisurely afternoon with popcorn and a movie; the water slide having been deferred until tomorrow due to the weather!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Disaster Day At SKC

Today is 'Disaster Day' for our Year 9's. With the help of our fantastic local Civil Defense and Emergency Response teams our Year 9 students are learning about the invaluable roles that these people play in an emergency situation. The day will culminate in a 'disaster' this afternoon with a variety of scenarios for them to work through and manage as a team.

Disaster Day - an educational simulation, with our thanks to the local Civil Defense and Emergency Response teams.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Year 9's Got Talent

Has Year 9 got talent??  Yes it has, and by the bucket load too!    This afternoon students and staff were entertained in the Auditorium by a fantastic selection of singers, skits and musicians.  But the winner of the day was in fact a film by Zane Trotter, Paige Powell and Eliza Baster.  Congratulations team!
p.s  A big thank you to our judges for the day .... Mark Whittet, Josh Cunningham and Meghan McCorkindale!

Year 9 Activities Week Day One

To kick off Activities Week, Y9 students have been looking at the legend of E Toru nga Purakau O Moeraki, and the settlement of maori into the area.  Their challenge this morning?  To produce art panels depicting symbols from the story.

Santa's Helpers

Santa came to town on Saturday morning as the main street of Oamaru was packed for the annual Christmas Parade.  Among the many floats and paraders were Rudolf (Georgia Lightbody) and a rather odd looking Christmas tree (Riley Chandler).  It's great to see students enjoying the community festivities at this time of year.

Campers Away

What a great day to send our Year 10 students off to the Hopkins Valley for their annual camp and retreat!   Have a great week team.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Principal's Message

Kia ora Kevinians and Supporters of the College

The highlight of my week was the visit to the the pop up Arts exhibition. The Arts Faculty showcased stunning examples of music, digital art, sculpture, painting and drama captured on video. Thank you to Mrs Plunkett for having the vision to allow such amazing talent to emerge and flourish.
On Wednesday evening the Board of Trustees took a tour of the campus starting with the exhibition. They would like to formally congratulate the students on the creativity and quality of their work.

Following their visit to the exhibition, they looked at a number of other projects being undertaken around the College. These included the refurbishing of the top quad classrooms, the food room, and the newly commissioned weights room. They also discussed the redevelopment of the sand turf which now has reached the end of it's viable life. The Board later initiated the planning phase for a revamp of the turf area. We look forward to seeing the ideas that emerge from this project.

Finally I wish all the staff and students involved in camps and activity week, safe travel and hope that the weather is stable. Thank you to Mr Colins and Mr Nyika for the hours of planing and preparation that has gone into the camps and retreat. Thank you also to Ms Walshe and her team for the huge effort that has gone into the development of the Year 9 programme.

May God bless you
Paul Olsen, Principal

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weights Session

Mr Fowler took the hostel boys to the new weights room for a fitness session after school yesterday.  With the variety of equipment on offer and spacious areas it was enjoyed by all of the boys. 

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Year 9 students have been busy making Advent Calendars during Religious Studies class in preparation for Christmas. Sally Xie, Alyssa Colina, Sarah Jones, Ellen Swanson, and Lucy Hitchcock are happy to deliver their calendars to Glynis Kappely of Oamaru hospital.
The idea is to have the calendars available to children who may be confined to a hospital bed over the Advent and Christmas season. There are no children stuck in the Oamaru hospital but the staff there say presents from highschool students can often be a great boost for patients and their families in the Christmas Season.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Junior Arts Exhibition

Over the past week or so a group of Y10 students have been creating a 'pop up' Arts exhibition - A Year In Motion - which opened in the Library today.  Along with live music, there was a wide selection of photography, graphics work, film work, paintings and sculptures on display, and according to comments from those who joined us it was an incredibly successful event!  Well done to all the curators!!!
A Year In Motion is open to view during morning interval and lunchtime tomorrow - Thursday 1 December.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beach Trip

The hostel boys took a trip to the beach on Sunday, exploring around the Kakanui and Campbell's Bay area.  What a great way to unwind before the end of the school term.