Friday, July 7, 2017

Principal's Comment

Kia ora Kevinians and Supporters of the College

Congratulations to the sports teams who have played in the many games against Waitaki teams this week. Your sportsmanship has been outstanding and you have upheld our FIRE values on the fields and courts. It is particularly rewarding to be able to acknowledge our 1st Netball squad as they secured the Whitestone Trophy is a superb game played yesterday afternoon.
It has also been an honour to be able to host the 1967 1st XV on their 50th anniversary reunion. 
This is the fourth year that we have welcomed past students and it is great to be able share stories and maintain our heritage in such a positive way. Kevin Inder, captain of the 1967 team, addressed our students with a message that - change is unavoidable - be prepared to embrace it - keep abreast of it. -be prepared to say yes - take every opportunity. I am pleased to say that this is directly on point with our College ethos.
As we head off for the holidays, I wish everyone safe travel and a rewarding holiday with family and friends. I would encourage students to talk to caregivers about purchasing a Chromebook to help with their studies. Noel Leeming in Oamaru have some excellent pricing. Mention to their staff that you would like the St Kevin's discount to ensure you get the best deal.

May God bless you
Paul Olsen, Principal

Old Boys Assembly

We were delighted to be joined at a special assembly this morning by some of the team from the 1967 1st XV.  50 years on from their own winning game (3-0 to SKC) they have gathered together and were hosted at the Redcastle after dinner last night ahead of the Big Game today.  As part of the assembly Kevin Inder, captain of the '67 team, read the names of the boys playing today.  Also celebrated were the Senior A Netball team who won the Whitestone Trophy game over Waitaki Girls yesterday.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Junior Speech Competitions

The Year 9 and 10 Speech Competitions were held this week and taking out First Place were Bethan Ardouin (Year 10) and Rhea Ratgali (Year 9).  Well done girls!
The other placegetters were:
Year 10
2. Kazsandra Cuaresma
3. Lucila Mino Zubiri

Year 9
2. Leyanne Monoy
3. Sebastian Whiston

Important Info About The Duke Of Edinburgh Programme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award has been a feature at St Kevin's for a very long time and remains a popular activity with many students. Currently 80 students are registered across the three levels of the Award.

Up to now, involvement in the Award has been affordable and accessible to all who wanted to be involved. However, as of the 1 July the D of E people have seen fit to introduce a substantial rise in registration fees. Entering at Bronze Level and progressing to Silver will each now cost $86.25. Registration for Gold will cost $115.00. This makes the decision to begin or proceed further in the Award something needing careful consideration. The outlay is considerable and this adds some seriousness to the commitment and effort already required to complete each Award level. That being said, the achievements the Awards represent at all levels remain well recognised and valued. It is because of this that we continue to support and promote the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award scheme here at St Kevin's. We are also determined that no student should be prevented from participating because of cost.

If assistance is needed, please contact the Principal, Mr Olsen and discus your circumstances. We are able to help.  Thank you.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Gem Of A Museum

Year 10C Science visited the North Otago Museum in Oamaru to study the stone tool and ornament collection. There are over 9000 pieces in one collection alone. They are very significant because they represent the earliest settlement of humans in NZ. The geological origins of the material the tools are made from have been the focus of our Science classes recently. The students enjoyed having hands on with examples and seeing the work that goes into making tools like these.

Good Luck Teen Ag!!!

Good luck to James Caldwell and Jarred Hardy as they compete in the Teen Ag National finals in Fielding on Friday. The boys would like to thank their sponsors for supporting them.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Turf Project

A major overhaul project is in the pipeline to upgrade the sand based turf situated beside the Gym to an asphalt surface which will be used for netball, basketball and tennis. There is also the option of putting cricket nets in the corner to replace the current ones on the far side of the playing fields and retaining part of the existing turf for hockey. It will become a multifaceted sporting asset! This will be a major project and we are extremely grateful for the financial support we have received to compliment the investment from the College; $34000 from the Otago Community Trust, $12500 from The Lion Foundation and $6000 from the New Zealand Cricket Foundation.  

Woodlands Ball 2017

The College Ball is always a hugely anticipated event. Our Senior boys and girls turn into young adults and glamourous ladies and gentlemen for a night as the heels and long dresses shimmer alongside smart suits and polished shoes. However, well before the night there are weeks of organising and this comes down to our students themselves. This year the Ball Committee worked for well over a term to create a Woodlands theme ball and every detail was accounted for, from the table placings pegged to a twine display, to the wonderful food catered by Pozzobons Catering and entertainment from Night Life Entertainment.

From the early days of the Hostel girls doing ‘a bit of a twirl’ in the Girls Hostel Common Room, the Ball Parade is an event almost on its own! The Auditorium was packed with friends and family who ooh’d and ahh’d as our Seniors and their guests took their turn on the catwalk, pausing for that oh so important photo opportunity! For those unable to attend, this part of the evening was LiveStreamed so they could enjoy the occasion at home and we thank Mr Seddon and Isaac Steel for making the arrangements.

Pausing at the Redcastle for what has now become the traditional Y13 photo (thank you Gary Kircher for capturing the memento this year) everyone continued to the Dining Room which was once again magically transformed into a glamourous venue, fit for any special occasion. A receiving line of Senior Management greeted the ball revellers as they arrived to enjoy a sumptuous buffet before taking to the dance floor for a mix of traditional and not so traditional dancing.

Throughout the entire evening the hard work of the Ball Committee and the Home & School was evident in all its splendour and the support of Mr Alan Grant and Ms Walshe simply cannot be understated! Congratulations to you all on staging another hugely successful College Ball, enjoy the accolades that are richly deserved!

CLICK HERE to view all of the memories from the evening - a huge thank you to Gary Kircher for the Y13's photos, and to Lewis Weatherley and Brooke Clark for our Ball Parade and Ball images!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Student Wellbeing

There has been a lot of public discussion about youth mental health recently. The Ministry of Education has asked all schools to let parents know where to find information to support the mental health and wellbeing of their children.

Parents are encouraged to regularly check in with their child about how they are doing and the things going on in their lives. You’ll find links to organisations you can contact for help and advice if you are concerned about your child:

The following are the contact details for your school’s pastoral care team:

Year 9 Dean and Assistant Principal: Ms Walshe
Year 10 Dean:  Mr Thompson
Year 11 Dean:  Mrs Fowler
Year 12 Dean:  Mrs Burton
Year 13 Dean:  Mr Nyika
Guidance Counsellor: Mr Dixon

These are the first points of contact for caregivers if they are concerned about a student's wellbeing at school.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Principal's Post

Kia ora Kevinians and Supporters of the College

On Wednesday, our Mandarin Language Assistants, Cynthia and Regina, introduced the staff to jasmine and chrysanthemum tea and and biscuits as we enter the winter season. The aim of the morning tea was to familiarise our staff with the work the pair are doing with the junior classes.
For Cynthia, this is her last week at St Kevin's. We are grateful for her knowledgeable and enthusiastic contribution to our College and wish her all the best with further study as she returns to China over the holidays.

Reminder to Caregivers:
As we are well through the winter sports season, please ensure that outstanding sports subs are settled. Also, a number of people have outstanding NCEA Fees that need to addressed before NZQA will put the credits on their website. Payment can be made on the caregiver portal or at the school office. Thank you for giving this your prompt attention. If there is an issue with payment, please make contact with me to explore payment options.

May God bless you
Paul Olsen, Principal

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Digital Learning and Chromebooks for Students

Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced on Wednesday that the school curriculum is in for a shakeup, with the Government proposing to shift education into a "digitally oriented system".  She said the Government would spend $40 million on raising teachers' skills to deliver the new curriculum, which will involve all pupils from Year 1 to Year 10 taking part in digital technologies education.  The new content will cover two key areas – "computational thinking" and "designing and developing digital outcomes" – which are likely to include computer programming.

To support our students, the Board of Trustees have agreed that the time has come to ask all caregiver's to provide a device with a keyboard, such as a Chromebook, for day to day use.  Almost all students currently have a device, however for many it is their phone, which creates added distractions and does not have an effective key pad.  The cost of a Chromebook is currently about $280 and continues to drop.  This decision will free our existing computers to support families in financial need or students whose machines have a technical issue.

The Board accepts that it is the school's role to provide the specialist software and computers needed for NCEA and will continue to do so.

SKC Blanket Fundraiser


The St Kevin's Netball Club has been selling polar fleece blankets as a fundraiser this year and they are still available to buy. They are blue, have St Kevin's College printed in red writing in the middle of the blanket and the seams are over locked. The blankets cost $49 each and are great to take away on trips, wrapping around you on a cold day etc.

We are fundraising for new balls and other netball equipment which will benefit all netball teams.

The blankets are on sale in the office and you can pay for them by either cash or eftpos.

We thank you very much for supporting our fundraiser this year.