Friday, April 13, 2018

Home & School Fairy Lights Queen

To continue our run down of the fabulous people on the Home & School team .... introducing the sparkly Leigh Steel! She is the queen of the fairy lights that adorn the Dining Room and Auditorium for special occasions and is a champion behind the BBQ when there's a sausage sizzle to be done!

Here's what Leigh has to say about what she loves about the Home & School - 'To be able to give back to the school through the fundraising efforts of the Home and School I find very rewarding. Belonging to a group of fantastic and very dedicated people is very special. We are a small group but I think we make a difference to what items we can purchase for the children - through the fundraising efforts. I like the Home and School monthly meetings, its a great way of finding what is going on around the school and what projects are on the agenda for the year. To belong to the St Kevin's family is awesome'.

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