Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aoraki Record Smashed

The Aoraki Athletics team headed up to Timaru yesterday and had an outstanding day!  Of note was the efforts of Max Yanzick who not only came first in both the U16 Boys 1500m and 3000m but smash the Aoraki record in the latter by 9 seconds (also taking 22 seconds off his PB).  Other Aoraki titles went to Hamish Coutts in the U14 Boys 800m, Peleki Tangifolau in the U15 Boys Javelin and Breidy Johnston in the U16 Girls 100m. 

Other top 10 finishes came from:
Jasmine Emery (U14 Girls) - 100m 5th, 200m 2nd, Long Jump 3rd
Harriet Heaphy (U14 Girls) - 400m 4th, 800m 4th
Peta Katoa (U14 Girls) - Discus 3rd
Jed Jabagat (U14 Boys) - 100m 2nd, 200m 4th, High Jump 2nd
Dodge Lofranco (U14 Boys) - 400m 3rd, Long Jump 2nd
Liam Prouting-Gardener (U14 Boys) - 3000m 2nd
Johanna Alegado (U15 Girls) - 100m 2nd, 200m 3rd, High Jump 4th
Aria Packer (U15 Girls) - Long Jump 5th
Krystalee Sheehy (U15 Girls) - 400m 5th, 800m 5th
Elisha Carter (U15 Girls) - Javelin 2nd
Peleki Tangifolau (U15 Boys) - Shot Put 4th
Breidy Johnston (U16 Girls) - 200m 2nd
Jaimee Trainor (U16 Girls) - Javelin 4th, Shot Put 3rd
Amy Coutts (U16 Girls) - 1500m 4th, 3000m 2nd
Cameron Yeoman (U16 Boys - Discus 4th
Caitlin Middlemiss (Senior Girls) - Long Jump 4th
Amber Cunningham (Senior Girls) - Shot Put 2nd, Discus 2nd
Laura O'Brien (Senior Girls) - Shot Put 3rd
Cameron Dodd (Senior Boys) - Javelin 2nd
Samuela Babiau (Senior Boys) - Shot Put 5th, Discus 3rd
Thanusha Podiappuhami (Senior Boys) - Triple Jump 4th

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