Friday, March 17, 2017

Principal's Comment

Kia ora Kevinians and Supporters of the College

Our message of Justice and Solidarity was reinforced twice this week from different but complementary perspectives. The first was at assembly and looked at issues around bullying and how we could create a culture that was intolerant of bullying. We worked from a commonly accepted definition that recognises four elements: bullying is deliberate, harmful, involves a power imbalance, and has an element of repetition. Both students and staff are committed to creating a safe environment for learning, knowing that it is OK to ask for help if anyone within our community is feeling they are being bullied.

Our second challenge was presented by two American  Dominican Sisters, Sr Margaret and Sr Sharon. They have been touring parishes the length of the country raising awareness of global issues including the rich country - poor country gap, equity issues and consequences of global warming. Their workshop focused students on local initiatives that would make a positive difference in the lives of others. I was pleased at the level of engagement and interaction shown by the students.

As we break for Anniversary Weekend, safe travel and happy St Patrick's Day. Also, please keep Nicola Ryan - Mr Ryan's wife - in your prayers as she recovers from surgery and the Wallis family as they mourn the passing of Ami's dad, Wal.

May God bless you
Paul Olsen, Principal

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